Lighthouse Operational Status During COVID-19

Lighthouse for the Blind is currently operational during the COVID-19 crises

The Lighthouse will continue fulfilling orders for our SKILCRAFT®, Quake Kare, Tear Mender, RapidFix, Badge Magic and CosBond branded products.

“Lighthouse for the Blind-St. Louis is taking swift, insightful action to support our employees, our programs, our clients and our customer expectations as we continue our operations during this uncertain time.” – John Thompson, Lighthouse CEO

COVID-19 has prompted Lighthouse for the Blind-St. Louis to integrate vital modifications to our company operations at all levels.  Initiating safety precautions to help protect our employees from the COVID-19 virus and to prevent spreading of the disease has become our top priority.
COVID-19 has created substantial challenges for our manufacturing and shipping operations such as increased lead times for raw materials and delayed processing of customer orders.  We appreciate the patience of our customers as we diligently work to overcome these challenges.
We are continuing to provide products and services to our business, commercial and government customers during the COVID-19 crisis; however, should circumstances arise that threaten the safety of our employees, our production operations may cease temporarily.

“See the Future” Programs

In order to ensure the safety of our program participants and staff, the following “See the Future” Summer programs have been canceled: Summer Orientation & Mobility and Adapted Living Resources Program (SOAR, June 7 – June 27), Sports Camp (June 19 – 21) and Camp Barnabas (June 28 – July 3).  Please visit Our Programs Page for the latest updates and information regarding our “See the Future” Programs.

We will get through this together

we remain thankful for our loyal customer base and our dedicated supporters.  Together we will get through this.
Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns by calling 800.542.3697 or emailing