Sports Camp

For Youth who are Visually Impaired or Blind




JUNE 23 – JUNE 25, 2023

Sports Camp is open to youth that are blind and visually impaired ages 12-18 years.


Campers MUST be able to participate in contact sports.

Sports Camp is a residential camp that takes place at Webster University. This free 2-day overnight program offers an introduction to sports and the opportunity to connect with other kids that are blind and visually impaired. The goals are to empower children to be physically active, improve their health and, most importantly, have fun!

Camp Activities


    • Blind Soccer and Goalball- Futbol Club STL


    • Running/ Walking – Forest Park
    • Beepball – Forest Park
    • Water Park Adventure- Wapelhorst


    • Rock Climbing/Yoga- Climb So ILL

Where:Webster University Dormitories

When: June 23- 25, 2023

Cost: FREE

Application deadline: May 10, 2023    

Campers must:

1. Have a visual impairment

2. Be independent with eating, bathing, toileting, and dressing

3. Display behaviors that allow them to function in a group setting that does not affect other group members:

· Must NOT run away (this is a college campus, and this behavior is dangerous for everyone; any child who runs away will be sent home immediately.

· Must not display defiant behavior (this includes refusing to stand in a line, refusing to participate in a variety of activities, refusing to abide by the bedtime)

4. Must not possess a medical problem requiring a nurse for supervision; have mobility limitations that prohibit them from ambulating 1/2 mile or being unable to participate in sports activities.

5. Guardians must disclose ALL necessary information that will allow us to provide a safe environment for the weekend. This includes ANY issues that may arise behaviorally or medically.

LHB will follow all federal, state, and local COVID requirements. For the safety of our staff and program participants, LHB will follow CDC guidelines concerning masks, social distancing, regular handwashing, etc. A family member must be available to pick up their camper should they get sick during the camp weekend.

A limited number of campers will be accepted; therefore, the application process will differ this year. The deadline to apply is May 10, 2023. We will notify you via email in mid-May to let you know if your camper has been accepted.


How to Apply

Sports Camp registration is closed for 2023. If you have any questions, please get in touch with Angie Yorke at