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The Braille Brilliance Mission:

To provide students and families with goal-focused braille tutoring and to provide students with opportunities to connect with other braille readers and develop a positive image of braille through fun braille-related activities.

Braille Brilliance Services

  • In-Home Braille Tutoring
  • Fun Braille Group Activities
  • Braille Pen Pal Program


  • Any braille students in grades Pre-K through 12
  • Open to residents of all counties in Missouri and Illinois counties surrounding the St. Louis area
  • Free in-home tutoring for the child and/or parent in braille (not general academics)
  • Instruction for mastery of specific goals based on teacher, parent, and student input
  • Fun braille-related group activities quarterly (typically held in the St. Louis area)
  • Braille pen pal program with other Braille Brilliance students
  • Complements braille instruction provided in school
  • If you prefer, students can participate in just one or two aspects of the program (group activities, tutoring, or pen pals).

Example Goals:

  • The student learning new math symbols
  • The student using a braille display to access electronic materials on a computer or tablet
  • The student mastering Unified English Braille changes
  • The parent learning the braille alphabet or math strategies
  • The family utilizing braille labels and tactile materials for daily living skills

To Refer A Student:

To refer your child, either the teacher or parent can submit a signed permission form to


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Program Contact

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Izzy Breiter

Izzy Breiter


Phone: 507-327-0388

Parent Testimonials

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I really enjoyed having someone in my home to work with my child. This helped me know how to assist my daughter with braille practice. My daughter really liked having a pen pal. It really encouraged her to read and compose braille daily.”

Braille Brilliance has given my child the opportunity to practice and continue to learn Braille over the summer. Last year was his first year of instruction in Braille, and I thought it was a great idea for him to have summer practice. We were able to participate in one Saturday event, the Cooking Extravaganza – he had a great time! As parents, we learned some things, too!”

It has allowed my son to begin learning braille music. He loves music and is very interested in it. This will be very valuable for him when he needs to sight read music for chorus and band. The fact that it is done in the home has also been such a great aspect too.”