To assist individuals who are legally blind maintain dignity and independence by making available employment, education and support services.

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our brands

We manufacture products in six Government and Commercial brands including SKILCRAFT®, Quake Kare, Tear Mender®, RapidFix®, Badge Magic® and CosBond.

our programs

Our 18 Community Enrichment Programs known as our “See the Future” Programs were created to enrich the lives of children and adults who are legally blind.

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Visit our online store to shop our extensive line of government and commercial products including liquid and aerosol cleaners, paints and maintenance products.

Who We Are

Lighthouse for the Blind is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization headquartered in St. Louis, MO. Our mission is to provide employment opportunities and services to individuals who are legally blind. We operate two plants – a liquid and aerosol manufacturing plant and a packaging and kitting facility where we manufacture, fill, assemble and package over 300 commercial and government products.  Our diverse capabilities include manufacturing, contract filling, packaging, and kitting.


We hold over 20 contracts with Government agencies covering more than 200 liquid and aerosol products. We are the only aerosol manufacturing facility in the world operated primarily by employees who are legally blind. Learn More

contract filling & PAckaging

We offer a wide variety of contract liquid filling, component acquisition and packaging services for Government and commercial customers including liquid and aerosol paints, cleaners, maintenance products, and components. Learn More

medical kitting

We assemble an extensive array of medical, dental and veterinary kits ranging from individual first aid bags to entire field hospitals. We specialize in procuring, packaging, and kitting components for any type of kit. Learn More

Employee Spotlight Series

Our employees have unique and amazing stories to tell.  Get to know our team by watching our Employee Spotlight Video Series.

A World of Opportunity

Interested in joining our team? Our mission is to continuously search for, hire, develop, motivate, challenge, promote, and retain excellent talent. Our employees are proud of the work they do and it shows in their continued dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.


Since 2014, the Lighthouse has acquired five commercially sold product lines in the adhesive and disaster preparedness industries.

Learn More

We invite you to learn more about our mission, culture and products by watching our Corporate Video. Contact us if you are interested in a tour of our facility.

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