Medical Kitting & Assembly

LHB Industries assembles an extensive array of medical, dental and veterinary kitting options to satisfy all your first aid kitting and first response needs.

We specialize in procuring, packaging, kitting and sterilizing components for multiple types of kits.  LHB has the flexibility and responsiveness to ensure we meet all your custom kitting requirements.

Customized Kitting Options

  • Kitting for FDA Class I and Class II medical devices
  • Customized kitting solutions for all types and sizes of medical kits
  • Vacuum sealed and medical grade sealed pouching
  • Small liquid fill line for 1/2 fl. oz. items
  • Accredited and compliant facility

LHB Currently Assembles over 250 kits including:

IV Starter Kit (Armed Forces)
Fluid Spill Kit (EMT Supplier)
Blood Transfusion Kit (Armed Forces)
Personal Protection Kit (EMT Supplier)
Chest Compression Kit (EMT Supplier)
Sterile Medical Products (OEM Wound Bandage)
Type I First Aid Kit (U.S Forest Service)
Type III First Aid Kit (U.S Forest Service)
Type IV First Aid Kit (U.S Forest Service)
Trauma Bag (Armed Forces)
Mass Casualty Bag (Armed Forces)
Sick Call Bag (Armed Forces)