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Lighthouse for the Blind is proud to be an AbilityOne agency and manufacturer of SKILCRAFT® branded products. Our product line includes a vast variety of items spanning from liquid and aerosol paints and cleaners to First Aid Kits for the U.S. Forest Service and Dog Repellent for the U.S. Postal Service.

Currently, the Lighthouse holds over 20 contracts with Government agencies covering over 200 products. Our current product mix includes Aerosol Cleaners, Bio-based Cleaners, Liquid Cleaners, Office Cleaners, Maintenance Products, Repellent, Paints and Coatings, Medical Products, and the first Green Seal Certified Environmentally Preferred Cleaners. 

Our Brands

Emergency Ready Disaster Preparedness Kits




In 2014, the Lighthouse purchased the assets of a small woman-owned company headquartered in California called Quake Kare. Quake Kare® is a leading supplier of ER™ Emergency Ready disaster preparedness kits and emergency supplies for the home, office, classroom and vehicle.

Quake Kare’s mission is to provide top quality, comprehensive emergency kits and supplies for all disasters at competitive prices to make families, companies, schools and communities safer. Quake Kare Kits are assembled at our headquarters in St. Louis, MO. We invite you to visit www.quakekare.com to start preparing today!


Our Brands

Tear Mender - Click to Shop Tear Mender Fabric Adhesive




In 2015, the Lighthouse purchased the assets of Tear Mender®. The Tear Mender line of products include non-toxic adhesives to repair fabric, leather and vinyl. The flagship product, Tear Mender, is an instant fabric adhesive that virtually eliminates the use of a needle and thread to repair ripped and torn clothing.

Val “The Bish” Cismoski formulated the original Tear Mender Fabric Adhesive in 1932. Today, Tear Mender is widely used for a multitude of tasks from garment care to crafts.



Our Brands

RapidFix Adhesive Systems - Click to Shop





In 2017, the Lighthouse purchased the assets of RapidFix®, a small adhesive company founded in the early 1990’s by native Australian Len Kelsey. The RapidFix product line includes an amazing dual liquid adhesive system that produces high-strength bonds in seconds and powerful UV activated adhesive solutions to repair almost anything.

RapidFix adhesives will never dry out in the bottle and are guaranteed for 12 months. Visit www.rapidfix.com to view the entire RapidFix catalog.



Our Brands

Badge Magic - Click to Shop






Badge Magic® joined the Lighthouse product line in 2018. You may be familiar with Badge Magic adhesive sheets if you are or someone you know is a member of the Boy or Girl Scouts.

Badge Magic utilizes a unique “peel & stick” instant adhesive to securely and permanently attach patches and badges to uniforms, vests, jackets, backpacks and more. It magically stays adhered even when washed. The adhesive can also be used to hem pants or for craft projects. Pre-cut sheets for the Boy and Girl Scouts and several other organizations are available at www.badgemagic.com.



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Our Brands - CosBond Costume Adhesive for Cosplay - Click to Shop





Backed by over a decade of research and development in adhesive technology, CosBond® is a line of specialty adhesives that enhance the experience of the creative communities of cosplay, theatre, builders, prop makers, festival wear, LARP and creators everywhere.

Our line of instant costume adhesives offers revolutionary solutions with next-generation benefits of a powerful, instant peel and stick adhesion for use on a wide variety of materials, without fumes, messy glues or drying time. Our products help creators build faster, easier and more complex, detailed construction with less hassle and more fun. Start creating today at www.cos-bond.com.



Our Brands