Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler Poses with Lighthouse staff outside Lighthouse Headquarters in Overland, MO

Congresswoman Hartzler Visits Trenton Manufacturing Facility on April 19 for Meetings, Tour and Discussions of Key Issues Affecting Workers who are Visually Impaired 

ST. LOUIS – April 25, 2022 – The Lighthouse for the Blind (LHB), a not-for-profit manufacturing and packaging organization with a dedicated social service mission, hosted United States Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler of Missouri’s Fourth Congressional District on April 19, 2022, to its Trenton manufacturing facility. Lighthouse for the Blind President and CEO Eric Warnhoff presented Congresswoman Hartzler with a commemorative award thanking her for supporting the Lighthouse mission and the blind community through the AbilityOne Program.

“On behalf of the Lighthouse for the Blind, I would like to thank Congresswoman Hartzler for visiting our Trenton manufacturing plant to learn about the capabilities, services and community outreach programs our organization provides to benefit people who are visually impaired,” said Warnhoff. “We sincerely appreciate Congresswoman Hartzler’s work in Washington to advocate for employment opportunities and programs and will continue to applaud and support her efforts to help the blind community.   

Congresswoman Hartzler is recognized as a Congressional Champion of the AbilityOne program, which supports the enhancement of opportunities for economic and personal independence of people who are blind or have significant disabilities. AbilityOne Congressional Champions are elected policymakers who have demonstrated support of the AbilityOne Program and associated nonprofit agencies in their district or state through congressional actions.

As part of her visit, Congresswoman Hartzler met with plant employees and learned about manufacturing, filling, kitting and packaging capabilities. Her tour included the Lighthouse’s Activities of Daily Living (ADL) training center comprised of a fully adapted kitchen, laundry room, and bedroom, which teachers of the Visually Impaired use to teach children who are legally blind how to complete basic household tasks including cooking, washing and folding clothes, cleaning, and making a bed.

In addition, Lighthouse Public Policy Advocates Christine McDonald and Tammy Clardy discussed three key issues supporting the creation of jobs for people who are blind, asking Congress to:

  • Ensure people with disabilities who seek job referrals from state VR programs are aware of the full range of jobs available.
  • Urge the Biden Administration to approve eight vacancies on the AbilityOne Commission to ensure the broadest input diversity of opinions and viewpoints to help guide its day-to-day work.
  • Insist the General Services Administration (GSA) include the mandatory purchase requirement for the AbilityOne Program on all e-commerce platforms, including its Commercial Platforms Initiative (CPI) and help save jobs for Americans who are blind.

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